Gabhran Creek Nigerians



      Quality is Never an Accident! ~John Ruskin


2018 Buck/Doe Count:

BUCKS: 19 / DOES: 23

 Updated May 17, 2018

Located in Shepherd, MT we are striving to raise quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats with good conformation, dairy genetics, and dispositions.  A little bit of color to wrap it up in never hurts either. We have tried to get some of the best bloodlines from around the country.  We strive to buy only from tested clean herds. And test several goats each year. We are always happy to work with buyers who would like current negative test results on any goat they are interested in.  Gabhran is pronounced GAHV-run and it means "little goat" in Gaelic. We have a lot of exciting crosses due for 2018.  Be sure to check out our breeding schedule. 

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April 2018:

HUGE NEWS!!!!  We have confirmed Rainflower has finally settled!!!  Whew! It has been a long road.  We have also confirmed Valentine has settled after also proving to be difficult.  We are only accepting BUCK reservations from these does.  But with their udders, a buck kid would be pretty exciting! :D